Rusetsy Featured Seller

Rusety’s Featured Seller today is Jane Shi of EnyaPearls, a long time Seller on Etsy who opened shop in 2011. Her five-star shop currently boasts almost 2800 in sales of her handmade jewelry.  Rusetsy has especially admired this necklace from Jane:


All we can find out about Jane is that she is from China, and about her shop, Jane says in her profile:

About Us: This Etsy store is dedicated to selling our pearl jewelry. Enyapearl has been specializing in pearls for 12 years. We have rich experience in doing pearl business. All products we offer are totally handmade and we’re always on a mission to lead trends in the jewelry market. We pay attention to every detail of pearl jewelry…

If you can’t find Jane in Etsy her shop, she may be over at alibaba; probably having coffee with Sam.


I like this necklace so much I was going to order about 10,000; but only 9,999 available!

Jane, I know you will have much continued success on Etsy!

ETA:  There is also a Bubble World Etsy shop. One and the same?


2 thoughts on “Rusetsy Featured Seller

  1. Sheeesh … Jane and Sam are obviously an Item. I can’t believe Jane Siu actually uses both names on those two sites. And that Etsy hasn’t woken up and smelled tha latte. This is so in-your-face flaunting of the Etsy rules. Even the new lax ones. If Jane isn’t a factory, I’m Chad DIckerson in drag.

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