Etsy Damage Control + Forbes

This should be seen for what it is. Etsy Damage Control. Why, after over a month since the Techonomy Conference does this video suddenly appear as a news story? So someone enlighten me. What ties does Etsy have to Forbes?***

10/21/2013 – Forbes – “Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson on Maker Culture

September 2013 Techonomy Conference Video “Can The Maker Movement Remake America?” – featuring Chad Dickerson

This is the most insulting slam against artists and craftspeople I have ever heard:

From Techonomy (emphasis added): “What is the impact of the DIY economy beyond creating and selling knickknacks?”

Shame on you, Chad.


***James W. Bryer (Jim Bryer), an Etsy Board Member, is the President and Co-Founder of Accel Partners, one of the venture capitalist firms who owns Etsy.  Jim Bryer is also on the Board of Twenty-First Century Fox along with Rupert Murdoch, CEO of Fox. Rupert Murdoch has ties with Steve Forbes. CEO of Forbes (Steve Forbes spoke out in defense of Murdoch during the 2011 News Corp. scandal.)


3 thoughts on “Etsy Damage Control + Forbes

  1. Listening to him try and sell Etsy as a unique artisan marketplace triggered my gag reflex.
    True, there are still artisan handcrafted goods to be found on Etsy, but you have to wade through a lot of mass manfactured junk to find them.

    Buyer beware on Etsy. The site is not what it pretends to be.

  2. Oh, and I couldn’t resist leaving a comment on the article. This is what I posted:

    It is true that there are many artists selling their handcrafted goods on Etsy. It is also true that you will find the same merchandise on Etsy that can be found on ebay, and other sites. The only difference is that on Etsy the resellers pretend to handcraft their work.Etsy has turned a blind eye at the resellers because they generate good profit. And, that leaves the buyer with a mass manufactured item sold as artisan handcrafted. Not a good business practice unless you really don’t care about your customers.

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