Today’s Featured Seller from Rusetsy


Today our featured seller is Sam Chen, whose shop ClothingLoves, is located in Suzhou, China. Sam sells wedding dresses and accessories in his shop. Sam joined Etsy in December, 2012. From Sam’s profile we find he is a male, born on February 9.

To find out more about Sam and his handmade creations, Sam’s About Page reveals:

A Wide Selection of Quality Products

New products are added every day on Clothingloves . Our innovative marketing department constantly searches for cutting-edge products to attract and satisfy the broad demand of our customer base. We are committed to improving the quality of your experience with our wide selection of top notch products at rock bottom prices!

Always Low Prices
Because of our extensive, solid relationships with manufacturers here and abroad, Clothingloves has access to the most cutting-edge technology. The result is reflected in the price and quality of our products.

Knowledgeable Product Support
Our logistics and stocking centers in Shanghai and Suzhou tests products received and shipped daily. Our well-trained technical staff is ready to answer any questions you might have about your purchase.

Fast Shipping / Professional Packaging
Clothingloves customers are always surprised by how fast they receive their order from us, even when orders were placed over the weekend. Clothingloves is able to offer world class shipping through partnerships with DHL,EMS and other major carriers. Professional warehouse personnel will take good care of your orders by making sure they are packed in accordance with our high standards.

Friendly Customer Service
We value the relationship with customers like you, so our customer service team is right here waiting to help you. We are consistently adding new products and want to ensure that our staff is well trained in the latest trends and offerings. 24 hours hour live chat service is available for taking all your consultation and inquiries. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

And a word from one of Sam’s customers;

This is nothing like what I expected. The photo/description showed the gloves going way higher than the middle of the forearm. I regret even purchasing this item. Thank goodness it was only $7. When I contacted the shop owner I didn’t receive much help other than “everything is handmade.”

A big Welcome to Sam!  I know he has been  well-received within the Etsy community!

If you can’t find Sam in his Etsy shop, you might try alibaba.




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