The Same Old, Same Old

I did not realize, when I started selling on Etsy in 2012, that what was going on there  was just more of the same old, same old from a company I had once admired. I did not realize, or maybe did not want to believe, what I was seeing was what I was seeing. I joined as a seller around the time of “Baligate,” and the experience was downhill from there. The only saving grace was my team and team friends, and my sweet customers.

As I have begun picking up the Etsy rug and poking around underneath, I have come across descriptions of the Etsy of today and the Etsy of yesterday; and the two sound alarmingly similar.

This post from The Orange Swan dated June 6, 2012 is a must-read Etsy review from a former Etsy seller and gives what may prove to be a  very accurate prediction of  Etsy’s continued decline into mediocrity.



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