Etsy Redefines “Dialog”

Etsy made this Announcement yesterday:

And here is the Corresponding Forum post

Sarah A.11:35 am Oct 21, 2013 EDT

Thanks so much engaging with these policies in such a rigorous and thoughtful way. You’ve brought up many important issues, and we are carefully thinking them through so that we can make the Guidelines better. We’re working on it, and will be back in touch when those updates are ready to share.No matter how much research and thought and discussion goes into a change like this, it is impossible to predict and prepare for every nuance of enforcement. This is just the beginning of an ongoing dialogue with you, our community. We ask that you be patient with us while we learn from you to figure out how we can best accommodate your needs and grow together.
as interpreted:
Rosalie Bucknor from JewelleryEssentials8:04 am Oct 22, 2013 EDT

I can translate that into English:Ooops. While we know you can’t please all of the people all of the time, we didn’t anticipate such a negative reaction to our latest changes, and now we’re having to reconsider some of them. Unfortunately they were major. We are spending a lot of time arguing behind closed doors.



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