Etsy Sellers Seeing Stars, or not

A recent forum post on the question of whether 3 stars is the default for buyer reviews:

Heather Holbrook from PisforPaper 8:38 pm Oct 21, 2013 EDT

People have reported that some buyers leaving feedback on mobile devices are having issues with the stars, even if they hit a 4 or 5 it’s showing as lower. You’re buyer should be able to go in and change the stars.

InsideOutMinis from InsideOutMinis 9:37 pm Oct 21, 2013 EDT

I left feedback today for three items from the same seller. I would click all five stars and turn them yellow and then the yellow would disappear on at least two of the stars. I would do it again and the same thing would happen. I had to color the stars several times for each item before I finally got all five stars to stay yellow. I wasn’t on a mobile device, I was on my computer. If people are giving only three stars but excellent reviews, this may be happening to them without them realizing it

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