Etsy Encourages Sellers to Give a Discount… or else?

In case you missed this from the Etsy blog back in February, “Encourage Repeat Business With Improved Coupon Codes,” Sellers can “opt-in” to have Etsy, after the Seller makes a sale, to email the Seller’s customer with a “Thank You Coupon Email.” ( You can view an example on the blog.)  All well and good, I suppose, if you don’t mind Etsy continuously hounding your customers. (Remember Sellers: “Do as I say, not as I do.”)

It appears that Etsy is now sending out a “Check Out the Competition Email,” as explained in this forum post.  From that post, it was suggested that perhaps a Seller choosing not to “opt in” to the “Thank You Coupon Email,” means that Seller’s customers will instead, automatically get the “Check Out the Competition Email.”

This is one of many questions that deserves to be addressed by Administration.


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