Surprise! My Shop Was Suspended Today!

My shop listings disappeared and I got the big Etsy SHUT-UP today:

Your account is currently suspended

Etsy has suspended your account privileges. Please check your email for a message explaining why, and how to restore your account. If you have further questions, contact Etsy Support.

Reason: my items don’t appear to qualify for the Handmade category.  The only listings I had were those  in the Statement Necklace blog post. I guess this is acknowledgment that those necklaces are not handmade after all.


This is XXXX  from Etsy’s Marketplace Integrity Team.

While reviewing your shop, we found a number of items that don’t appear to qualify for Etsy’s Handmade category. We’ve suspended your shop, but we’d like to work with you to restore it.

Items you list as Handmade should be made by you or use acceptable, approved outside manufacturing. We still require that you have a large part in creating the items.

You can read more about the criteria for listings on Etsy here:

At this time, your listings are inactive. You can find them here:

Please go through your shop and remove any items that don’t qualify for the Handmade category. Let me know when these items are removed, and I’ll review your listings. If they all qualify, I can get your shop back up and running.

We ask that you don’t open any new Etsy accounts until this is resolved.


I contacted Etsy support. Not holding my breath that I will hear back from them.


3 thoughts on “Surprise! My Shop Was Suspended Today!

  1. I am pretty sure it was not a surprise to you. Of course they must have taken down all the other shops that have the same item. Right?

    Etsy is so laughable right now. They are fast becoming one of the biggest jokes on the web.

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