Etsy Unmasked!

Just noticed this forum post:

I am truly disgusted. Etsy just featured a mask on their Facebook page which is available on alibaba, AliExpress, Ebay and numerous other resellers pages on Etsy. The same reseller was featured in an Etsy Finds email a few weeks ago. I promptly flagged the reseller and her items. I also emailed the administrator who curated the email. And now I get this notice in my Facebook feed!!!

Want to feature mask artists who actually create their own work instead of reselling wholesale stuff that you can buy at your local Halloween store? I have several! All hand cut, all actually designed by me, all hand tooled, all hand carved, all hand sculpted, all hand painted. All truly unique, as hand created art in certain mediums can never be identically mass produced.

Etsy Administration says: “SHUT UP!”

Experienced sellers can often look at a shop and quickly identify potential problems, but don’t use the Forums to tell someone they’re breaking laws or Etsy’s marketplace policies. If necessary, flag the shop for review by clicking Report on a listing or shop page.

We investigate all reports received and take action if the member is violating our polices.

It’s never OK to use the Forums to vent about someone, warn others about a buyer or seller, disparage specific members, shops, Admin or Etsy.

Review our guidelines via the link:

Thank you for your understanding!

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