Etsy Bugs: Crickets Strike Again

I am getting the whoopsie message and then the message that Etsy is down. Is anyone aware of this issue?
Okay, it has been like 3 days is anyone going to deal with this?
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Disappearing Convos…. and More Crickets:

SewnNatural from SewnNatural 10:23 pm Oct 30, 2013 EDT
Just saw a convo (unopened) from a client about requesting some items. I didn’t open it right away (of course I didn’t delete). Came back a few minutes later after checking some other things in the shop and it is gone, gone, gone?

Help! Can you find it again?

Thanks much
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Debbie from wigglysee 10:43 pm Oct 30, 2013 EDT
Not sure if it will show up but did you try clicking on the “All” folder to see if it reappeared. That is strange that it would do that.

Sneezer222 from EtchedinTimeLLC 10:48 pm Oct 30, 2013 EDT
Do you get email notifications of convos? Sometimes if you click on the link there you can find the convo.

SewnNatural from SewnNatural 10:56 pm Oct 30, 2013 EDT
thanks for the tips – hasn’t worked yet, which is so frustrating, but i will keep trying.




Etsy, Inc. – Part One: It’s All About the Guanxi

In order to gain a better understanding of’s company policies and decisions, one might take a look at who is behind this company; in other words, follow the money:


Date                     Type            Amt.     Investors                                                                                          Value

06/01/06 Seed 0.315M Caterina FakeStewart ButterfieldJoshua SchachterAlbert Wenger Unknown
11/01/06 Series A 1M Union Square Ventures Unknown
07/01/07 Series B 3.25M Union Square Ventures Unknown
01/01/08 Series C 27M Accel PartnersUnion Square Ventures Unknown
08/01/10 Series D 20M Index Ventures Unknown
05/01/12 Other 40M Index VenturesUnion Square Ventures, Accel PartnersBurda


Chief Executive Officer and Director: Chad Dickerson

Board of Directors:

James W. (Jim) Breyer, Accel Partners (ETA: See this Forbes list)

Caterina Fake, 2bkco, Inc.

Frederick Wilson, Union Square Ventures

Jonathan Klein, Getty Images, Inc.

Christoph Braun, Ph.D.


In Etsy, Inc. – Part One, we will take a look at Accel Partners.

First, who is James W. Breyer?

According to, billionaire Jim Breyer is Co-Founder, President, and Managing Partner of Accel Partners, a venture capital firm with investment teams in the U.S., London, India and China. Accel Partners is the money behind many familiar internet faces. According to Accel’s website, Jim is the Lead (or Co-Lead?) Investor in Etsy.

Jim Breyer is the son of John P. Breyer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IDG Capital Partners (a part of IDG Ventures),  a venture capital firm based in China. described IDG as “one of the pioneers of investing in the Chinese consumer Internet.”  Jim is also on the Board of IDG Capital.

Accel Partners and IDG Capital are partnered through IDG-Accel, based in China. IDG-Accel Growth Fund, L.P. is part of the IDG-Accel Partnership.  From (emphasis added):

IDG-Accel China Growth Fund specializes in seed and startup investments. The fund does not prefer to invest in late-stage companies. It seeks to invest in information technology, healthcare, consumer technologies, and other emerging technologies. Within the consumer Internet sector, the fund targets companies in the media, social networking, and search and online retail sectors. Within the information technology sector, it seeks to invest in semiconductors, software, and networking. The fund seeks to invest in companies based in China. It seeks to invest between $4 million and $8 million in companies with revenues between $3 million and $5 million and staff in range of 300 and 400. The fund …


A relevant Etsy forum post (emphasis added):

Global Street Handmade:Kellan,Accel Partners is one of the venture capital firms that owns Etsy. Accel Partners is also teamed up with IDG Capital, a firm based in China. IDG-Accel is dedicated to growth for Chinese companies. Could you address how this might effect Etsy decisions about what is allowed to be sold here and what entities are allowed to sell?
That is, there have been many concerns along the lines of 16 different shops offering the same “bubble necklace” for sale. No offense meant to any specific country, but most of those shops are based in China. Etsy does not close down these obvious-to-most reseller shops and indicates most of them have passed muster. Yet Etsy’s own policy is that no resellers are allowed, in direct conflict with what is actually going on.
So, it begs the question, is Etsy, like IDG-Accel, dedicated to growth for Chinese companies at the expense of the small businesses who helped grow this site?

Hi Global,Fascinating question. The short version is, it has no effect whatsoever.We’ve certainly talked to our partners at Accel about our international expansion goals, but to the extent we’ve talked with them about China their focus at the time was on how to sell into the fastest growing online consumer market on the planet, not the other way around.

We’ve never talked to IDG about our policies or strategies.

And none of our policies and strategy around resellers, manufacturing assistance, or seller growth (in the US, China or elsewhere) are shaped by our relationship with Accel.


Thank you Kellan. So, if I’m understanding this correctly, the Board of Directors does not make decisions on Etsy policy? That is left entirely up to Administration?
That (d)oesn’t aswer the question Kellan.
sy2010, you’re right, on my 2nd reading it doesn’t.On my first reading I thought Global was specifically asking about Accel/IDG influencing Etsy strategy, rather then whether Etsy was pursuing a similar strategy.
No, Etsy isn’t following a strategy of supporting Chinese companies over small sellers.

My interpretation is that Kellan  is saying Accel’s focus is on (Etsy) selling into the Chinese market, not vice versa.  Wouldn’t inviting more Chinese companies to sell on Etsy go toward this goal? And wouldn’t allowing Chinese resellers to flourish on the site be “supporting Chinese companies over small sellers?”

So, can Etsy succeed where eBay failed?

From, regarding eBay’s failure in China (emphasis added):

Spend any time in China, and you quickly learn the power of “guanxi,” or social connections. Guanxi drives business deals and government contracts. It’s the invisible glue that ties people together. It’s the sense of connection and mutual obligation that Chinese society prizes in personal relationships…

…The problem was that eBay had no mechanism for simulating guanxi…

…”Those buyers really want to get to know the sellers,” Paul A. Pavlou, a professor at Temple University’s Fox School of Business, told Pacific Standard.

In China, business is not just business. It’s social

Dear readers, this needs no further explanation than “I refer you to Etsy’s New Guidelines.”

In Etsy, Inc. – Part Two, we will delve into Union Square Ventures. (Stay tuned. The plot thickens.)

Etsy: Manufacturing at its Best

Here is what I see happening at Etsy:

Seller comes up with a design for a necklace. Seller hires another Etsy Seller (like the one pictured below) to make this “custom” necklace in large quantities.  Seller sells these perfectly Etsy-legal necklaces in their perfectly Etsy-legal shop. (Certainly Etsy would not question the “manufacturing assistance” of another Etsy-legal shop.)  And voila!  Mass-produced, handmade necklaces!



More Etsy Shenanigans: Or, Beware the Checkout Process

These shenanigans even have buyers asking, WTF Etsy?

During  Etsy checkout, buyers are shown similar items to those just purchased.  These similar items are FROM OTHER SHOPS giving the buyer the opportunity to cancel the purchase just made in favor of one of the similar items from a different shop. And how are these similar items chosen??

Administration Says “Resellers are not allowed on Etsy.”

From this week’s Discussion with Etsy Administration on Resellers (emphasis added):

Kellan from kellanem7:38 pm Oct 27, 2013 EDT edited

Correct, resellers aka those selling factory made goods that they didn’t design are still not allowed on Etsy, and won’t be…

…The new policy around transparency won’t be enforced until the new year, but the existing policies around reselling are being actively enforced…

All righty then….